At least 4 killed in Alabama after heavy rain in state

As of Thursday morning, the office had not publicly identified the flood victim.

Chris Darden, a National Weather Service, said the storm system moved from the west early in the week and produced slow thunderstorms, some of which eventually moved to the northern and central regions of the state, where they lasted for several hours, doing the most damage. Birmingham meteorologist

Although bands of heavy rain fell across the state since Saturday, the height of the flood was around 7 to 10 p.m. Wednesday night, with the most affected cities being Pelham, Helena and Hoover in Shelby County, south of Birmingham, where there was as much as 24. It had rained 10 inches within an hour.

The weather service in Birmingham said up to four inches of rain was expected on Thursday, which had already drenched in saturated areas, increasing the risk of flash floods. But the rain is likely to subside by Thursday night.

Rescuers went through chest-deep water to reach those trapped in their cars. Mr Brocato said that in Hoover, a woman was rescued from the roof of her car, which was pinned by water against a dam on a 30-foot embankment. He said another woman escaped from her vehicle as she tried to drive through what was apparently a flooded road.

Firefighters rescued 82 people from their homes and 20 people from vehicles in Pelham, about 20 miles south of Birmingham, the fire department said on Thursday.

As the Associated Press reports, “The water in the car was coming so fast I had to look out the window,” said Jill Kasky, who masquerades as a tow truck driving her vehicle away from a parking lot in Pelham. Was. The car stalled as it was trying to navigate the flood waters, it said.

Local news media reported that the Birmingham Fire and Rescue Service saved 16 waters.

Rescuers continued their search on Thursday as well. In Marshall County, she combed creeks as vehicles drifted downstream, said Anita McBernett, director of the county’s emergency management agency. They left their boats behind and instead set out on foot, walking along shores where the waters receded.

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