Benson Kipruto wins men’s race at Boston Marathon

Benson Kipruto won the men’s race on Monday at the Boston Marathon, held in an unfamiliar fall setting for the first time since 2019.

Kenyan Kipruto, 30, had won the Prague and Toronto Marathons but didn’t have a signature win before Monday.

CJ Albertson, an American who finished seventh in the most recent Olympic trials and was not considered a major contender in Boston, caused a stir when he pulled out of the main pack with a huge lead of 2 minutes 13 seconds. half mark. Such early leads rarely last long, but Albertsons stubbornly continued to lead for mile after mile.

But the elite runners behind him began to cut the lead, and after 20.5 miles he was gone. The 15-strong pack that caught him included leading contenders Phylx Kiprotich, Wilson Chebet and Asefa Mengstu. That’s when the race really started.

And the trigger was Kipruto, who at 22 miles threw a huge boom on his own and seized the lead with little resistance. He soon took a 30-second lead and withdrew with confidence. No one seemed ready to chase him, and he went away in 2 hours 9 minutes 51 seconds to win.

The Ethiopians were second, third and fourth, 46 seconds behind Lemi Berhanu Kipruto and just one second ahead of Jemal Yimer.

Albertson, running on his birthday, unexpectedly finished 10th. “I believe I am the best downhill runner in the world,” he said of the early stages of the race. “I wasn’t training hard, I was just running for my strength. I’m not going to fly uphill like some other runners.”

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