Coronavirus briefing: what happened today

We should probably be talking about unrelated relatives…

Many of us have relatives who refuse vaccination. It is the group of non-vaccinated people who are most at risk of getting COVID but can have breakthrough infection, especially for those who are medically vulnerable. If not everyone in the gathering has been vaccinated and you must go, try to take it outside. Ask everyone in the group, vaccinated and uninfected, to do a quick home test to make sure no one is infectious.

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We asked readers how they’re approaching the next few months, including the holiday season. Many thanks to everyone who wrote this. Here is a selection:

“I won’t cancel my annual Christmas party. Instead we’ll scale back and request a wax or test. We need to keep the connection, have fun together, and celebrate life. I’m ready to accept that.” That Covid is a new reality we must live with.” – Jyoti Jani Patel, Seattle.

“I’m literally holding onto straws at this point. Last week I ordered a donut pan thinking I’d teach myself how to make donuts as a way to combat another pandemic cold. I don’t even like donuts , so obviously I’m missing out on what’s left of my mind. I’m not sure what potential winter strategy I’ll be figuring out next (maybe soapmaking?), but I’m sure it’s my frustration. will also show the current level of — Molly, Maine

“Last year my Anti-Vax family kept gathering throughout the holiday season, while I decided not to gather to save their lives. Even after being hospitalized with Covid last May, he still will not be vaccinated. So what changed? Last year I wanted to gather with my family. This year I don’t want to. And, I don’t think I’ll ever do that again.” –Melody Marler, Orange County, Calif.

“This year I will function functionally as if the pandemic is over, aside from the known risk post-Covid testing. As a transgender woman who primarily derives social well-being and comfort from rave spaces and gay social gatherings, the pandemic forced me to recognize how important social interaction was to my mental health and the health of my community. . It was impossible not to notice the increase in suicides among trans women last year, which is extremely high even in normal times. My social enjoyment, and the social enjoyment of those around me, is not trivial. It really is a life saver. I won’t leave it again.” — Julia R., Brooklyn

“We are a Navajo and Mexican heritage family, have a son who is 7 years old, so we are taking strict precautions in the winter until our kids can access a vaccine. We’ve added outdoor heaters to our patio and are thankful for mostly mild winters in New Mexico. Our approach is the same as last year, as our child is still vulnerable as a member of two cultures that are disproportionately affected by COVID-19. ” – Jennifer Cruz, Albuquerque

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