How to submit to the Metropolitan Diary

The Metropolitan Diary is where New Yorkers of all ages and eras, no matter where they live now – as well as visitors to the city – share anecdotes, memories, bizarre encounters and unheard of snippets that reveal the spirit and heart of the city. We do.

Submissions must be associated with New York City and must be no more than 300 words (we prefer them to less where possible).

We occasionally publish poems, will consider short-plays and especially like objects that make us laugh or smile.

You must be able to verify that you are the actual author, that the item is true (that is, you were there when it occurred) and that it did not appear elsewhere, including on social media.

We also accept submissions by email, at, and by postal mail, to The New York Times, 620 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018.

Please include your name and telephone number for verification. Your phone number will not be printed.

Submissions become the property of Times and are non-refundable, therefore, please do not send valuables or perishables.

By transmitting your Submission, you grant The New York Times Company a perpetual, royalty-free license to use the Submission in any medium. They can be edited, and republished and adapted to all media. You can reprint your story elsewhere once it appears in the Times.

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