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kavacham movie story review and update?
Cast – Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas, Kajal, Mehreen, Neil Nitin, Harshavardhan Rane, Posani etc.
Music: SS Theme
Cinematographer: Chhota Kay Naidu
Editing: Chhota K Prasad
Producer: Naveen Chaudhary Sontineni (Nani)
Construction Company: Genealogical Creations
Story-Director: Srinivas Mamilla
Length: 141 minutes
Sensor: U / A
Release Date: December 7, 2018

Audiences have an idea of ​​what Bellamkonda Saisreenivas’ films will look like. The shield does not take anything away from that assessment. If not, the hero, who has worked with senior directors all these years, is introducing a new director with this film for the first time. How is the ‘armor’ so far ..? In this review, let’s see if this serves as a ‘shield’ for Bellamkonda’s career.

A realm of intangibles. That kingdom has no king. Queen only. A soldier like a ‘shield’ to the queen. These sentences quoted in the teaser are the story of the movie. The only heir to the largest trading empire is the US (Kajal). Kajal’s uncle Mahendravarma (Mukesh Rushi) wants to marry her to Vikramaditya (Neil Nitin Mukesh). Sincere police officer Vijay (Bellamkonda Srinivas) accidentally sees the US in a shopping mall. The acquaintance between the two, who later met on several occasions, grows even more. It turns out to be a bit of love

On the other hand Lavanya (Mehreen) is introduced to Srinivas. Srinivas puts her in his house amidst some strange events. At the same time Srinivas’ mother has an accident. Srinivas plays the drama as his mother kidnaps Lavanya for the operation and takes the money. But the same drama comes true in his life. The crime falls on Srinivas as Lavanya dies suspiciously. Who caused the accident to the original Srinivas’ mother, Mehreen who replaced Kajal, who kidnapped Kajal? Why was Vijay put on? You have to look at the ‘armor’ to know the answer to these questions.

Cast Performance:
This is not the first time Bellamkonda has appeared in an action look. Director Boyapati showed Jayajan as much as he did in the lead role. Those shades also appear in the scattered ‘armor’. If not the role of the police is new to this hero. Bellamkonda was fine with that look. Kajal plays the heiress of crores of property, the average girl who loves a commoner. Mehreen played a pivotal role in the movie. In fact the whole movie revolves around her. This is such an important character.
Neil Nitin Mukesh as the villain did not look brutal unless he looked serious. Harshavardhan Rane got a good role. Posani punches as a senior police officer exploded everywhere. Satyam Rajesh and Ajay did justice to their roles. There is no comedy in the film.

Technicians Performance:
When it comes to the performance of technicians, Director Srinivas should start with Mamilla. Love Subject is selected by any director for the first film. Thrillers are not fighting at all. But Srinivas not only chose a suspense thriller like ‘Armor’ for his debut film .. he also impressed with the story. He wrote scene by scene neatly without hesitation and without confusing the audience anywhere. The clarity of director Srinivas is the big ‘shield’ for this film.

The director has received full support from the producers, cinematographer and editor. Editing is very important for movies of this genre. No matter what the gap, the grip will be missed. In this case too, the ‘armor’ impressed the audience. Cinematographer Chhota K Naidu, with his experience, showed each frame richly. Because of all this, the cost incurred by the producers appeared on the screen. Taman, who was no longer impressed with the songs, impressed once again with his background score.

Police is an irreversible commercial formula on the silver screen. Minimum guarantee if thriller genre is also added to such subject. That’s why Bellamkonda, who heard 50 stories, did okay with it as a finale. We did not understand why Bellamkonda put so much faith in the story until 40 minutes after the start of the film.

Screenplay is very important for a thriller subject. Go into the story as soon as the movie starts. Should be choked with twists. The first half hour in ‘Armor’ is no such attempt. Time was allotted to portray Bellamkonda as Mr. Clean Police and Hero. After that the first confusion starts with the arrival of Mehreen. The audience does not understand why these two tracks are running. This is the problem with hiding all the twists for the second half. The real story begins when the hero finally has an accident to the mother character.

From there the Tom and Jerry game begins. The heights of the villain appear to be the heights of the hero. The director, who focused on the twists regardless of the climax, was successful in that regard, as everyone knew the ultimate winner was someone. It feels intriguing as the ‘armor’ moves forward, breaking the mystery one by one. But the Taman songs that come in between are boring. In addition, Kajal and Mehreen were not given proper elevation. The intro scenes between Bellamkonda and Kajal are boring.

The scene where the hero robs the villain of money by naming the kidnapping drama, the episode that breaks the mystery in the villa in the climax, the scene that reveals the twist on the Mehreen character are big plus points for the movie. In addition, the cinematography and production values ​​are impressive. Neil Nitin Villainism, lack of Posani comedy, the songs seem to be average minus points. Those who love suspense thrillers overall can watch this armor once.

Rating – 2.5 / 5

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