What is the time of Fury vs Wilder Fight?

Of course, size alone doesn’t guarantee success for heavyweights. Otherwise the 7-foot-tall Nikolai Valuev and the 7-foot-1 Julius Long would have been among the greats of all time. But for a skilled, versatile fighter like Fury, the outsized shape adds a dimension he thinks opponents can’t handle.

“I’m setting a milestone here,” Fury told reporters last week. “Two 70-plus, 6-foot-9. Stop if you can. Like a steamroller, coming toward you.”

Both Wilder and Fury have promised to win by knockout. They both cannot be right.

In his first bout, Fury employed the cautious, counterpunching style that led him to the world title, and the hard-hitting wilder still held him. A forceful right hand and left hook dropped Fury in the 12th round, and in a bout Wilder was losing on the scorecard, Wilder scored enough points to earn a draw.

Before the rematch, Fury promised aggression, and Wilder’s one-punch power couldn’t keep him from scorching under Fury’s pressure.

This time, Scott says that Wilder cannot depend on power at the expense of other tactics.

“For the last 10, 12 years I’ve seen a guy have a toolbox and only use one tool,” Scott said. “There are at least 100 tools in that toolbox, and he’d always go into battle and use one, maybe two. We have to go into this toolbox and drill everything, because it’s sitting around for so long collecting dust.” doing. That’s what we did. We started from the foundation up.”

One training camp, Wilder says, didn’t convert him from a power puncher to a chess player. Instead, they say that Scott has awakened the Boxer hidden inside him. He says he will diversify his attack, but he is still aiming for a great finish.

“People always talk about skill when they don’t have power, but any fighter, they would love to have power, because we don’t get paid for overtime,” Wilder said. “It’s all good and dandy to show some skill, but at the end of the day or at the end of the night, especially with heavyweights, people come to watch the knockouts.”

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